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SIP Wall Panels SIPs Infill & SIPs Cladding for energy efficient buildings

Build Eco-Friendly Constructions up to 15 storeys 3x faster, with fully-insulated SIPs infill and cladding, using steel or timber frames

Build smarter, and up to 3x faster, using lightweight SIPs infill and cladding

Our SIPs panels can be used for both internal and external walls, and can render directly onto panel facings

Although it’s true that SIPs panels are inherently structural, they can be used alongside other forms of structure for their insulation and airtight properties – along with the fact the finished panels are easy to apply any external skin or finishes to.

Whether you’re constructing a steel or concrete frame infill, or using SIPs alongside an oak-framed structure, or even to clad existing framed structures, SIPs Eco Panels are versatile enough to meet all your requirements.




What are the main benefits of SIPs infill/cladding?

Here we’ve listed some of the main advantages when using our high-performance SIPs polystyrene panels for your project:

  • Up to 3x faster than traditional methods - erect a typical house within a week
  • Reduced U-Values as low as 0.10 W/m2K - leading to increased space with a thinner wall
  • 90% less wastage on site (as our panels are manufactured off-site)
  • Zero reliance on weather conditions - for minimal disruption to the critical path
  • Lightweight - ideal for sites in city centres with access restrictions
  • Easier installation - with reduced drilling and crane use on site
  • Huge savings on labour - with reduced number of trades and supervision on site
  • 65% less timber than traditional build methods
  • Increased usable roof space - fully-insulated roofs without trusses
  • Build up to 4 storeys with SIPs (or five with blockwork or steel first storey)
  • 7x stronger than timber frame - and 3x stronger than brick and block
  • Excellent insulation values for increased resale value
  • Airtight, with reduced cold bridging
  • Lower annual energy costs
  • Does not degrade or deteriorate over time
  • Naturally more eco-friendly than other build types
This was built using SIPs infill walls

Our high-strength, high-performance SIPs infill/cladding is:

  • Non-toxic
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Made with 100% recyclable EPS
  • Energy efficient
  • Fire rated
  • Breathable
  • Extremely strong
  • Mould resistant

Click on one of the images below for a closer look at previous projects we’ve helped to construct using SIPs cladding and infill:

Here's what some of our customers are saying:

"For several months after your very capable erection team completed your commitment, your staff were still answering questions about all manner of things even if these were not related to your own scope of work. We shall remember the Sips Eco Panels contribution to the construction process as the best part of the whole experience."

Mr Al-Qassab, West Sussex

Looking for a faster build?

For fast builds, our MgO panels are render ready, directly onto the panel facings, making them ideal for both internal and external walls.  Battens for timber cladding and brick slips can also be affixed directly onto the board.

Pssst! If the wall has no services internally, such as plumbing or electrics, the MGO panels can be taped, filled and painted.


We’re very proud of our carbon-neutral facility based just north of Edinburgh (making it easy to deliver nationwide).   All of our timber is responsibly sourced, and all of our materials can be tracked and traced back to source from sustainable forestry.


Why choose SIPs Eco Panels for your project?

As a family-run business with over 35 years’ experience in construction, we have a team of highly-experienced professionals who are on-hand to guide you through every stage of the process, from design right through to completion.

Our SIPs panels are manufactured off-site, leading to a 90% reduction in waste and labour costs, and allowing you to stay on the critical path of construction, with super fast build times.

Our Structurally Insulated Panels are delivered to site and installed quickly and efficiently, with on and off-site guidance throughout, and a dedicated production manager working with you every step of the way.

Let us take on the risk of your project, and massively reduce your costs, with our high-strength, lightweight polystyrene (EPS) SIPS, for eco-friendly builds.

Product Information

  • Thermal Bridging
  • Air tightness
  • Fire Performance
  • Panel Sizes
  • Our award-winning system uses Sip joining splines to connect the panels, providing continuous insulation, not interrupted by repeated stud work, giving high levels of air tightness minimising any heat loss through thermal bridging.

  • Sips Eco Panels comprise two sheets of OSB3 sandwiching a core of high-performance rigid EPS insulation. Our innovative insulated Sips spline system joins the panels together creating an airtight structure which can assist to achieve Passivhaus performance standards.

  • Sips Eco Panels load bearing walls have achieved a 75 minute fire rating (BS476 Pt 21). While non-load bearing walls can achieve up to a 90 minute fire rating (BS476 Pt 22).

  • All our Sips Eco Panels have a standard width of 1200mm, with standard lengths of 2400, 2700 and 5100mm.
    Panel thickness range – 119mm, 144mm, 169mm, 194mm & 219mm
    *Non standard sizes can be cut from the standard panels

Thermal Bridging

Air tightness

Fire Performance

Panel Sizes

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