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CDM Regulation & Site Safety Responsibility

New CDM regulations were introduced in 2015 meaning the legal responsibility regarding managing Health & Safety during design and construction lies with the client until such time as they employ the services of a ‘Principle Designer’ and/or ‘Principle Contractor’, and such responsibilities are delegated formally. 

Typically, your architect will assume the role of ‘Principle Designer’ unless they notify you (‘the Client’) in writing that they are unable to perform/undertake the role on the project.

Sips Eco Panels, acting in the role of a ‘Panel Designer‘, will be responsible for the Health & Safety during design of the ‘SIP Package’ that forms the basis of any quotation we issue and will work closely with the ‘Principle Designer’ and ‘Principle Contractor’ upon acceptance of our quotation.

Sips Eco Panels are unable to enter into the role of ‘Principle Designer’ and/or ‘Principle Contractor’ but will support a client’s ‘Principle Designer’ and/or ‘Principle Contractor’ by issuing all relevant drawings, structural calculations and associated documents to meet the requirements of the Building Regulations.  Our own drawings/structural calculations where provided/required will only form part of this application.

Should Sips Eco Panels have any involvement in a ‘Clients’ Planning or Building Regulation design, no matter how large or small the company’s involvement, the company will not take on the role of ‘Principle Designer’ or Principle Contractor’.

For further reading, please refer to HSE publications outlining CDM2015 and the client responsibilities.  Two documents in particular may be useful; ‘Need Building Work Done?’ (INDG411(rev1), published 04/15), and ‘Construction Phase Plan (CDM 2015)’ – available below.

Site Safety

Please note we would recommend that you also refer to the STA ‘Site Safe’ guidelines and the following link to ’16 Steps to Fire Safety’ to satisfy yourself on any requirements with respect to your development.  If in doubt, please ask.

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