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Sips Floor Joists

We use Open Metal Web Floor Joists to combine the strength of steel with the versatility of timber.

All our house kits, if needed, will be supplied with engineered open metal web joists for intermediate floors.

These are fabricated in factory to our CE marking, meaning they are all fully approved by Building Control and Warranty Providers.


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Our engineered open metal web joist systems offer a number of benefits such as:

  • Open Web System. Light but strong with open webs means our joists can span further with less costly notching and drilling. 
  • Long Spans. Longer spans than comparable solid timber meaning more open areas and potentially less internal load-bearing walls, saving costs. 
  • Quieter. Reduced deflection and vibration lead to outstanding acoustic performance. 
  • Easier Service Installation. Open web joists lead to less notching and drilling of services and can accommodate larger services like MVHR. 
  • Lightweight. Our metal web joists are easy to manhandle leading to reduced crane costs and easier manoeuvrability. 
  • Cost Savings. Less drilling, reduced crane use, the potential for less load-bearing walls mean metal web joists save you money.  
open metal web floor joists ready for delivery

Open metal web joists have revolutionised the construction industry.  The strength of steel combined with the versatility of timber produces a floor and roof systems with considerable benefits.  When supplied as part of our Sips Eco panel system, overall construction time is further reduced.  The service void created by our engineered metal web design allows services and pipework to be installed quickly and easily with no cutting or drilling required by follow on trades.

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Here's what some of our customers are saying:

"As a business efficiency is key! Sips Eco Panels gives us exactly that and more. Amy especially is a pleasure to deal with- she is super responsive and sorts out our requirements in the same efficient manner every time.
Great service, Great product!"

G Brien, UK

Sips Eco Joists are designed and manufactured in-house

Our open metal web joists are engineered, designed and manufactured in factory-controlled conditions guaranteeing an extremely high-quality precision product every time.  We use the latest design and engineering software, producing detailed 3D drawings to make installation fast and efficient.

Sips Eco Open Metal Web Joists can be purchased direct and also come as standard with all our SIPs kits.

Why use open metal web joists?

Building energy efficient structures increases the need for good ventilation.  Our joist system is perfect for incorporating MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery) in your project with large and sometimes extensive ductwork being accommodated with ease.

The superior strength of our manufactured joists means that they can clear span considerably further than other products on the market, requiring far fewer internal supports.  Due to the incredible time savings provided by fast service installation, site labour and construction costs can be significantly reduced.

Space Joist Span Table

Click here to download your Space Joist Span Table.

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