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How We Work

If you’re interested in using SIPs Eco Panels, we’ve outlined our processes below to give you a better understanding of how we work – from the initial consultation stage, right through to design, manufacture, and build stages of your project.

Throughout the process, you’ll have a team of experienced SIPs specialists on hand, as well as a dedicated production manager to guide you through each stage of your SIPs journey from start to finish.

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From Enquiry to SIP manufacture

1. Your initial enquiry

The first step is to get in touch with us for an initial consultation, either by phone or by filling in our online form. You’ll also have the opportunity to upload any drawings (if applicable) in standard PDF format, or just tell us a little about your project.

2. Your SIPs Consultation

One of our experienced SIPs specialists will give you a call to get a better understanding of your project, timescales, and what you’re looking to achieve. They’ll also determine whether you’ll need access to our in-house design team.

3. Receiving  your quotation (within 1 week)

Depending on whether you’ve already submitted detailed drawings to us, you can expect to receive your quote from us almost immediately. However, this can take up to one week, depending on your requirements and the complexity of the project.

Your quotation will fully detail all inclusions and exclusions, with no hidden extras.

4. Meeting stage

If you’re considering SIPs Eco Panels for your next project, we’d suggest (if logistically possible) paying us a visit at our carbon-neutral facility based just north of Edinburgh.

As an approachable, family-run business with over 35 years’ experience in the industry, we can show you around, answer any questions you might have, and discuss the details of your project in more depth – it’s at this point we’ll also ask for more detailed drawings from your architect (if applicable).

Psst! Did you know that all of our materials are tracked and traced back to source from sustainable forestry?

5. Placing your order

Once you’re happy to go ahead and confirm your order, you’ll receive our standard paperwork detailing all of the terms and conditions of our agreement, including an agreed start date, all of our internal contacts, and exactly what will be required from you going forward.

At this stage, we will also require a first stage payment from you, and outline each stage of payments required before the project is completed. We can also organise a visit to the site in order to check access, and advise on your scaffold plan (if required) so this can be organised prior to installation.

6. Engineering Phase 1: (1-2 weeks)

Once we’ve received everything we need in terms of the final architect’s CAD drawings – or you’re happy with our designs and detailed drawings from our in-house design team  – our engineers will produce the necessary loading information for you to design your foundations prior to beginning groundworks.

7. Engineering Phase 2: (1-2 weeks)

At this point, our engineers will produce detailed calculations for all the structural beams within the building, including large opening supports and roof supports, to be sent to you and passed onto your Building Control Officer.

We’ll also provide a structural schematic to support the information we’ve provided, to pass onto your architect or groundworks engineer. 

8. Design for manufacture (4-6 weeks)

One of our in-house CAD SIP design specialists will be appointed to detail your project and ensure all the necessary manufacturing information is prepared and ready for us to produce your SIP panels to your specifications.

You’ll also receive a set of General Arrangement drawings to check before production begins; this is a key approval stage before manufacture.

9. The approval phase (Est. 1 week)

You’ll be asked to check over and approve our drawings detailing the SIP plans, sections and elevations we have developed from your architectural drawings (if applicable). This is the final phase before manufacturing can begin.

10. Manufacture stage

All of the necessary components are manufactured at our zero-carbon facility, including walls, roof panels, floors and internal partitions. Any project-specific steel or glulam will be ordered ahead of time to be sent in to us, in order to be processed and ready for dispatch.


The building stage

Our Structurally Insulated Panels are delivered to site and installed quickly and efficiently. We can either install your SIPs panels ourselves, or provide on and off-site guidance for your build team throughout.

Installation will require a full scaffold to be erected ahead of time, with the necessary blockwork upstands in position for receiving our soleplates – something that will be communicated to you well ahead of time.

11. Site visit

We’ll revisit your site to check in with you on your progress and make sure the site will be ready to go ahead with the SIPs construction as planned.

12. Installation of your SIP panels (5 – 7 days per dwelling)

With reduced drilling and crane work on site, as well as a 90% reduction in on-site waste, installation should take roughly 5 – 7 days per dwelling (with zero disruption due to weather).

If we’re taking on the risk of your project and installing ourselves, we’ll provide 3 – 4 SIP installers to commence the project, with on and off-site support and supervision throughout, in accordance with current Site Health and Safety Legislation.

13. Project completion

Congratulations! Your project is now complete. The buildings will be wrapped in breather membrane (if required) and we’ll commence the standard handover procedure to ensure you’re satisfied with the work on site.

14. Final invoicing stage

We’ll send you our final payment invoice for the balance of your SIP panels installation (if applicable). As soon as we receive it, your order is complete! The Sips Eco support team will be on hand throughout the duration of your project to assist you through to the completion of your project.

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