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Case Study: The Glebe, Cambridgeshire

A stunning five-bedroom house built to modern, energy-efficient standards using SIPs panels and other innovative build technologies, whilst maintaining the traditional aesthetic of the surrounding village.

Location: Cambridgeshire, UK                                                    

Materials: Full 169mm kit w/254mm metal web joists. 89X38 cls internal studwork

Area: 312 m2

Project duration: 5 months

Smaller developers are often attracted to SIPs Eco Panels due to their energy efficiency, and the fact they’re able to build custom designs up to three times faster than more traditional build methods.

Below, we’ve highlighted an example of how a client, in this case Inti Construction, used our lightweight expanded polystyrene (EPS) SIP panels to build The Glebe; a modern, five-bedroom house in Cambridgeshire.

The challenge

Inti Construction initially approached us looking to create a highly energy efficient, luxury modern home in the sought after village of Ickleton, Cambridgeshire, that incorporated innovative build methods and technology.

Despite its modern feel, the house also had to be in keeping with the traditional aesthetic and characteristics of the surrounding village, so Inti were looking for a solution that would incorporate flint, slate and oak work.

Having researched a number of building methods, Inti decided on SIPs Eco Panels due to the energy efficient inherent nature of our SIP panels, and the fact they could be used to build their custom design (a unique, open-plan home) in a very short timeframe.

The solution

SIPs Eco engineered and designed the full SIPs superstructure using HSB CAD to provide 3D and 2D fabrication drawings for manufacture. As well as installing SIPs on site, our offsite team also provided support to assist Inti through the development.

For the build, SIPs Eco provided the full super structure using our 169mm SIPs kit, 254mm metal web joists, all internal partitions, all special timbers and steelwork, and all sundries, leaving it wind and watertight ready for follow-on trades.

The property’s facing materials were chosen to fit in with the local village vernacular, which included flint walls, oak cladding and a slate roof. The elevations facing the street were deliberately modest, and all faced with locally-sourced flint.

The rebated, feather edge oak cladding was treated with Sioo:x (wood treatment) to accelerate the ageing process and give it a uniform finish, whilst integrated solar panels and a 5000L rainwater harvesting system helped make the home incredibly eco-friendly.

By using the SIP structure for their build project, Inti Construction were able to create a very spacious, energy-efficient home with vaulted ceilings that, in turn, allowed for windows to stretch from the floor to the tip of the roof.

The results

Inti were delighted by the end result of the build, and once completed, the house achieved a rating of 95 on its Energy performance certificate.

Building with SIPs meant Inti could also achieve vaulted ceilings without the need for beams, contributing to the overall open feel of the house, and allowing for natural daylight to flood the home with ease.

This project was very quick to build, with the super structure only taking 2.5 weeks in total, and an exceptional example of what can be achieved quickly using our award-winning SIPs system.

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