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Fully-insulated SIP Roof Panels open up the possibilities

Build faster with SIP panel roof construction and eliminate the need for trusses - for more usable living space.

SIP Roof Panels will be part of your Eco-Friendly Build.  It is a more innovative approach to roof construction, making the most of available space whilst providing a fully-insulated solution.

What are SIP roof panels?

With 60% less timber – and no need for trusses – our SIPs building panels are ideally suited to roofs, turning what would have been an ordinary attic space into extra rooms, storage space, or a vaulted ceiling.

SIP roof panels arrive pre-cut, with insulation already fitted, and span from wall to ridge beam (all supplied by us) – with no need for further support.  This opens up more possibilities, and ensures you can make the most of the available space.

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The advantages of a SIPs panel roof construction

We’ve outlined some of the main benefits from using SIPs in your roof construction, below:

  • Eliminates the need for trusses, meaning more usable roof space
  • Airtight, with reduced cold bridging
  • An even spread of high-quality insulation - eliminating inconsistencies
  • Does not degrade or deteriorate over time
  • Up to 3x faster than traditional methods - install a standard roof in just 1 day
  • 90% less wastage on-site (as our panels are manufactured off-site)
  • Lightweight and easy to work with
  • Zero reliance on weather conditions - for minimal disruption to the critical path
  • Easy installation - with reduced drilling and crane use on-site
  • Huge savings on labour - with reduced number of trades and supervision on-site
  • Excellent insulation values for increased resale value
  • Naturally more eco-friendly than other build types to reduce carbon footprint
The SIPs panels being lifted into place in this SIP panel roof construction

Fully-insulated SIP roofs for new builds

Although SIP roof panels are fully insulated, they’re also relatively lightweight and easy to work with.  Because the panels are a solid structure, your team can safely clad and work on the roofs externally.  A typical domestic SIP roof can be installed within one day.

The versatility of SIP roof panels means you can install them as part of a wider SIP construction (such as a SIP house build), or for any other type of building work.  They’re particularly good for city areas where access is restricted.

With the extra space, you can leave a large open ceiling space (for storage or ventilation), install partitions (something we can provide) to add extra rooms, or opt for a vaulted ceiling.

Our high-strength, high-performance SIP panels are:

  • Non-toxic
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Made with 100% recyclable EPS
  • Energy efficient
  • Fire rated
  • Breathable
  • Extremely strong
  • Mould resistant


Here's what some of our customers are saying:

"We were very pleased with the overall professionalism and efficiency provided by Sips Eco Panels. We submitted our plans, having been drawn up by our architect, and from then on all design alterations & building regulations were dealt with very efficiently by the Sips Eco Panels team."

Graham Preston, Berkshire

Replacing an existing roof with SIP roof panels

SIPs building panels are a convenient, lightweight form of construction suitable for replacing the roof on most existing buildings.  Removing the need for trusses quickly allows for much more space in an existing home or building.

This is a popular option for self-builders who are looking for more space in their homes, or for large commercial buildings that rely on large mechanical ventilation systems – such as hospitals, care homes and schools – and are looking to increase space in an affordable way.

The energy savings when installing a fully-insulated SIP roof are significant, helping to reduce your carbon footprint and save on costs.

Why choose SIPs Eco Panels for your SIPs roof construction?

As a family-run business with over 35 years’ experience in SIP manufacturing, we have a team of highly-experienced professionals who will be on-hand to guide you through every stage of the process of your SIPs roof construction.

When you contact us for a quote, you can upload your drawings – or details of the existing buildings if applicable – and our structural engineer will carry out all the necessary calculations to ensure it’ll take the load.

NOTE: Our in-house design team is able to design and overlay your SIPs roof design over the architect’s regs drawings, for full peace of mind.

Once you give us the go-ahead, you’ll be assigned a dedicated production manager to follow your project all the way through to completion, with on-site and off-site support available.

Product Information

  • Thermal Bridging
  • Air tightness
  • Fire Performance
  • Panel Sizes
  • Our award-winning system uses Sip joining splines to connect the panels, providing continuous insulation, not interrupted by repeated stud work, giving high levels of air tightness minimising any heat loss through thermal bridging.

  • Sips Eco Panels comprise two sheets of OSB3 sandwiching a core of high-performance rigid EPS insulation.  Our innovative insulated Sips spline system joins the panels together creating an airtight structure which can assist to achieve Passivhaus performance standards.

    Standard Sips Eco kits have High Levels of air tightness (typically 2-4acph).

  • Sips Eco Panels load bearing walls have achieved a 75 minute fire rating (BS476 Pt 21). While non-load bearing walls can achieve up to a 90 minute fire rating (BS476 Pt 22).

  • All our Sips Eco Panels have a standard width of 1200mm, with standard lengths of 2400, 2700 and 5100mm.

    Panel thickness range – 119mm, 144mm, 169mm, 194mm & 219mm

    *Non standard sizes can be cut from the standard panels

Thermal Bridging

Air tightness

Fire Performance

Panel Sizes

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