SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) 

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are a high performance building system leading the way in the construction industry. Providing many benefits to a traditional build, the nature of the panel makes its exceptionally strong, whilst largely compromising of insulation. 
Sips home building

What Is A SIP Panel? 

A SIP panel consists of an insulating foam core sandwiched between two structural facings, typically OSB. The panels are a very flexible product and can be used with any external cladding, be it brick, render, weatherboarding or metal cladding. Equally they can be roofed with slates, tiles or metal roofing. 
Internally, structural insulated panels can be simply finished with plasterboard and a skim coating (with service cavities where needed) meaning that wet trades are kept to a minimum, speeding up build times even further. 

What Are The Uses of SIP Panels? 

SIP panels have many uses within construction and home building including: 
Structural Insulated Panels can be used for home extensions to existing builds. SIPs can cater for single storey or two storey extensions, or even replacement roofs and extra storeys. The panels are quick to erect and provide insulation for the room, helping to keep costs down. 
Whilst structural insulated panels are inherently structural, they can be used alongside other forms of structure utilising just their insulation and air-tightness properties, as well as the fact that the finished panels are easy to apply finishes to. 
Due to the unique way that structural insulated panels work, they are perfectly suited for roof constructions. The panels are already insulated and span from wall to ridge beam usually without additional support. This means that the roof space can be left completely open to be used as further accommodation, storage or as a vaulted ceiling. 
Flooring with SIP panels is ideal for extensions and conversions; the insulation in the panels can help to soundproof, whilst the speed of assembly can reduce the time and labour costs dramatically. 
SIPs are ideal for new builds, whether residential, commercial or industrial, as kits are delivered pre-cut and pre-insulated, meaning that a typical house kit can be erected in 5-7 days, significantly reducing labour costs. 
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