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Case Study: The Preston Project

Family Return to Roots

Location: Wokingham, England

Materials: 219mm Full Sips Kit, 254mm metal web joists.

The Story of the Project

Mr & Mrs Preston wanted to design and build a new 4 bedroom detached family home following the demolition of an existing 3 bed bungalow. The build located on a site in Wokingham two doors down from Mr Preston’s parents, which was bought from a good friend of the family. The client’s hope was to design this 4 bedroom home to be as efficient as possible and the property was built to level 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes. Solar PV panels and triple glazing were also added to increase efficiency and reduce heat loss.

The Design

Mr & Mrs Preston supplied Sips Eco Panels with their planning drawings, which were drawn up by their architect, and from then on all design alterations & Building Regulation drawings were handled by the Sips Eco Panels team. It’s an exceptional build, built to Code 4, with great eco credentials, utilising the best of SIPs advantages (high air tightness, low thermal bridging, high insulation).

The Experience

“We were very pleased with the overall professionalism and efficiency provided by Sips Eco Panels. First contact was made with Nicola Young at a stage where we had not decided whether to go SIPs or conventional build. Nicola’s explanation and clarification of our questions and overall manner meant that by the end of the meeting we were convinced that we wanted to go down the SIPs route. We submitted our plans, having been drawn up by our architect, and from then on all design alterations & building regulations were dealt with very efficiently by the Sips Eco Panels team.

Delivery dates were set, deliveries arranged and all followed smoothly. I didn’t have a lot of dealings with the admin staff, but when I did email I always received a very prompt reply. Overall I would score Sips Eco Panels 5 out of 5 for my experience working with them”. – Graham Preston

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