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SipsEco invests in Affordable Housing for Scotland

completed affordable housing development

We have grown our headcount in the past year and employing 40 staff we are now the UK’s largest independent structural insulated panel (SIPs) home manufacturer.

We have invested heavily throughout the COVID19 pandemic, with shareholders funding nearly £1mil in capital equipment with assistance from Business Loans Scotland and Regional Selective Assistance.

Investing in Affordable Housing for Scotland

Over the next two years we are planning to invest a further £1mil in additional capital equipment and facility expansion to support Scotland’s pressing need for low carbon, high-quality affordable homes.

Supporting the Scottish Government’s climate target

affordable housing development during construction

This investment is to support the Scottish government’s legally-binding climate target for Scotland to be net zero by 2045.

The growing demand for affordable homes in Scotland means that developers, local authorities and housing trusts must put increased emphasis on speed of build, energy efficiency and the environmental impact of new housing schemes.

Sips Eco’s structural insulated panel system provides all the benefits that have been lacking with traditional building methods. The nature of the SIP system is exceptionally strong, air tight and up to 60% quicker to build with its insulation being zero rated for ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and GWP (Global Warming Potential) making them the sustainable choice.

A message from our Managing Director

Our Managing Director, Pat Queen, said:

“The business is growing and our continued investment in facility expansion and state-of-the-art equipment will ensure we meet the rapidly increasing demand to tackle the housing crisis. As local authorities and developers know, the need for affordable energy efficient housing has never been greater. We currently employ 40 staff and with our continued investment strategy that figure should double over the next two years whilst more than doubling our turnover.

We were proud to be recognised as The Best Sips Supplier in the UK last year by our industry and our accredited, award-winning Sips construction is the perfect solution to Scotland’s energy efficient homes of the future.”

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