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Government plans to build MMC buildings

Boris Johnson wants to build new homes that are made from modern methods of construction (MMC)

Using SIPs as an MMC building method delivers outstanding results.

4 SIPs mews houses under construction on an MMC building project

The announcement made by Boris Johnson recently on 30/06/2020 has sparked a massive conversation within the housing industry. Boris Johnson discussed the plans that the UK government are putting into motion. He stated that now is the time to “build, build, build” as the cost of borrowing is lower and more affordable than ever. Making this massive project more affordable.

The government highlighted the importance of modern methods of construction and how they can be used to drive forward innovation, digital integration, and accelerate delivery. The announcement has brought a buzz into the construction industry, especially for the innovating modern methods of construction sector.

For many years houses have been built in the same old protracted and inefficient ways, but this announcement made it clear that the newer more progressive ways of building are being recognised for their superior benefits. To build homes that are going to be energy-efficient, sturdy and stand the test of time modern methods of construction need to be adopted. This is why we are very excited and welcome the plans to use modern methods of construction as set out by the government.

How we can help the governments new MMC Buildings mission

Sips Eco Panels are a structural insulated panel designer and manufacturer that are leading the way in modern construction. We use the latest technology to streamline our manufacturing process which results in much quicker build times.

Naturally, a SIPs house is extremely quick to erect compared to timber frame and brick and block. It’s faster because all our panels are manufactured in our factory to the specific design and size you have set out. This means when your panels arrive on site it is just a case of erecting. They are pre insulated, structural panels that come with all the components needed to erect the structure.

With more traditional methods of building all beams, floors and walls all need to be cut to size on site. This means you spend a lot more time on the build whilst also spending a lot of money on labour hours. Our in-house designers take the architectural designs and convert them into a 3D model using cutting edge design software. This advanced software is great for giving a visual representation of the build as well as making sure the design of the building is physically able to stand.

SIPs can help with the new plans set out by the government to build quicker smarter and greener. Our panels are highly insulated, eco friendly and can help to reduce energy bills by as much as 55% whilst cutting build times dramatically. All of which contribute towards the values that the government is looking for in modern homes.
A lorry full with a full sips house kit and panels leaving the factory

A comment from our Business Development Director

“It is great to see the Prime Minister highlight MMC & the necessity to build better, greener and quicker.  The demand for housing, NHS facilitates & school buildings has never been greater and it is encouraging to hear the government pledge to help tackle this crisis with capital investment and finally say what our industry has been saying for some time.  MMC and in particular SIPs, is the future of building in this country and must be universally embraced if we are to meet our environmental goals and raise living standards across the board.  Sips Eco will certainly be leading the way, creating jobs, investing, innovating, and continuing to provide the high quality, energy efficient, sustainable homes and facilities of the future.“

Matt Banks
Lovely home mid construction using SIPs as MMC building technique

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