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Case Study: The Vowles Project

The Complete SIPs Package

The Story of the Project

Mrs Vowles contracted Sips Eco to do the full design and also supply the panels on her energy efficient bungalow. Her brief was for a large three bedroomed bungalow to complement the neighbouring building externally and with large spaces inside that could be opened or closed up if needed. Mrs Vowles used a project manager who Sips Eco Panels put her in contact with and when our erectors arrived on site, they erected the full frame and roof in 8 and a half working days, much to the delight of Nicky Vowles who could then start work on the inside of the build.

The Design

The design was for a roomy 3 bedroomed bungalow, designed by Sips Eco Panels in-house design team, to the client’s requirements. The client’s ideas and suggestions were incorporated to provide a “rustic simplicity” to the interior and an interesting and established feeling exterior. By using the Sips Eco design team, the design was perfectly suited to Sips Eco Panels for the wall and roof.

The Experience

“I wanted a highly energy efficient bungalow and that was why I chose Sips Eco Panels. The design team were really adept at incorporating my whims and suggestions. Once the slab was completed, the bungalow was erected in 8 and a half working days. It
was brilliant. The project went amazingly smoothly and we had lots of fun and laughs along the way.

My project management team performed admirably and got things sorted promptly. That was a great weight from my shoulders.

I would certainly recommend Sips Eco Panels for many reasons; one being the ease of erecting my build in such a short time. The fantastic thing that I like the most though is that the SIPs panels keep the whole building, including the attic area, all at a moderate, even temperature, whatever the temperature outside.”

Nicky Vowles

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