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Case Study: Skelmersdale

Location: Lancashire, UK

Materials: Full 169mm kit w/254mm metal web joists. 89X38 cls internal studwork

Project duration: 8 months

A development of 14 energy-efficient, spacious terraced houses and four apartments designed, manufactured and erected by SIPs Eco Panels as part of a new affordable housing development project.


Skelmersdale, UK

There is a growing need for energy efficient, affordable housing, and due to the inherent nature of fully-insulated SIP panels, they play an integral role for housing developers who are prepared to embrace the benefits.

We wanted to highlight this example, below, of how SIPs Eco Panels were able to collaborate with a large developer to design, manufacture and erect an affordable housing scheme using our SIP house building kit.

The Challenge

When the developer approached us, they had a vision in mind and were looking to create an affordable housing scheme with superior build, energy efficient homes that were not only spacious but also had low monthly running costs.

Choosing SIPs Eco Panels meant they could achieve a fast build, without having to compromise on any of their goals for sturdy, airtight and truly affordable homes.

They recognised that our panels and build method can not only deliver on the values the developer had set out, and appeared to be the perfect fit for the project, but also allowed for building up to three times faster than traditional methods.

The Solution

Our in-house design team began work on the design, which involved a row of 14 terraced houses, and a design for a block of four apartments, to become the perfect home for young professionals and young families looking for 2 – 3 bedrooms.

Both the terraced houses and the apartments were built using SIPs to be very strong and thermally dynamic.

The developer was actively involved at each and every stage of the project, and our team of SIPs build specialists managed the installation.

Our SIPS panels are prefabricated off site, allowing for speedy, non-weather dependent builds that save on time and labour.

Because of the design and off-site fabrication involved in the process, the lead time for getting the SIPs panels to site was 8 weeks – which is why the developer contacted us well ahead of the critical path.

However, once our SIPs panels were delivered to site and work could begin on the build, the project was completed in just 8 months – saving the developer substantial costs in both time and labour.

The Results

The developer was very happy with the speed of the build, decreased labour costs, and the resulting affordable housing scheme. The contemporary-style homes were built to be spacious, with low maintenance and running costs.

As a company, we were delighted to be presented with the opportunity to collaborate on this project. We really believe in building more affordable homes, and our panels provide a key role in making that happen.

Structural insulated panels are the ideal solution for building affordable homes, and we relished the opportunity to demonstrate their efficacy with this project.

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