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Are Sips Toxic?

We are often asked “Are Sips Toxic?”.  The short answer is no.  The more comprehensive explanation can be seen below.


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Formaldehyde is the common toxic compound that is found in many day to day things, from tables and chairs to foods and clothing.  Formaldehyde is the toxin that many are concerned about when it comes to SIPs.  Many people are under the misapprehension that this toxin is alive and living in our panels therefore putting people’s health at risk.  This could not be further from the truth.

Formaldehyde has a rating scale of E0 to E3, E0 representing the least amount of formaldehyde emissions from a product to E3 being the most amount of formaldehyde emissions being released from a product. 
ensuring health & safety on a Sips build

To break it down our Sips Eco Panels are made up of 3 components: the OSB (oriented strand board), EPS (expanded polystyrene) and glue.  The OSB that we use achieves a rating of E0 meaning it is in no way hazardous to human health.  Next, we have the EPS which is an inert material, this means that the material has undergone little to no biochemical activity meaning it poses no threat to health or the environment.

Finally, we have the glue, as you will be aware many glues can be hazardous however our glue has a working life at maximum of 48 hours before it is completely hardened.  Once the glue has hardened it produces no toxins and is not a threat to the environment or people’s health.

As you can see our Sips Eco product poses no toxic threat and is very eco friendly.

At SIPs Eco Panels one of our biggest goals is to be as environmentally friendly as possible and to lower our carbon footprint.  This is why we have taken every measure to ensure our product is not hazardous in any way.

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