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Are SIPs Eco Panels BBA certified, and what does that mean?

Yes, we are proud to announce that our SIPs Panels are now fully BBA certified and this helps demonstrate the outstanding quality and design superiority of our innovative and award-winning SIP panels.

SIPs Eco Panels are now fully BBA certified - our certificate number is 22/6249


What is BBA certification?

BBA, short for British Board of Agrement, is a certification that’s very highly regarded in the construction industry, and an indication of manufacturing and product design excellence.

This certification allows us, as a company to offer a third-party assurance to our clients and building control authorities, along with the assurance to the end users funders that our products have been manufactured, engineered, and designed to the highest agreed standards.


What does ‘BBA certified’ mean for your Sip build?

These standards are audited annually by external auditors and are monitored continuously throughout all the operations within the SIPs Eco manufacturing facility to ensure that our products achieve the required standard when installed correctly.

Not only does the BBA certificate assure the manufacturing quality of the product, they (The BBA) have scrutinised and approved all the design calculations that not only go into the manufacturing of the products, but also how these products can be engineered for use within our clients’ structures. Having our design criteria examined and approved by an accredited third party gives great reassurance to our client’s design team when working on new projects and products.

Being BBA certified helps ensure we continue to raise the bar with the manufacture of our products, with continuous third-party testing, ensuring you can be completely confident when choosing us as your SIPs supplier.

Importantly, local authority Building Control teams throughout the UK have always been, and continue to be, great supporters of Agrément Certificates.

You can download our BBA certificate here .

Alternatively you can create an account on the BBA website and conduct a ‘MyBBA search‘ to view our certificate.

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