Schools & Hospitals 

Building schools, hospitals and other government facilities can be challenging. These buildings are typically very big and often incorporate distinctive design elements. To fabricate these types of buildings it requires a great deal of planning and expert knowledge. These buildings are usually engineered and constructed to the highest standards which means the materials and kits you are using have to be of superior quality. 

Why do we need these buildings to be constructed to an enhanced standard? 

Buildings such as schools, hospital, caring facilities and government buildings need to be manufactured and built to a very high specification. They are buildings that aim to educate, help and rehabilitate large numbers of people and therefore have to be extremely robust, energy efficient and high-performance environments. There have been many studies around the importance of high quality exceptionally constructed buildings, especially in the educational and healthcare sectors, that explore why it is so important for buildings to be well designed. 
New Studies have demonstrated that a well-designed school building that is appealing can have a direct impact on students’ performance. Visually appealing learning facilities have been said to enhance student concentration and motivation levels which in turn improves their performance. 
At SIPs Eco panels, we have invested heavily in state of the art CNC machinery which allows us to offer unmatched levels of customization. This way you can create a totally bespoke, enhanced and intricate design. Through using Sips you can create one of a kind educational buildings that are extremely energy efficient and will look the part whilst also being perfect for stimulating student performance. 

Why should you use SIPs? 

We can offer a range of services that make building with SIPs the ideal solution when designing and constructing schools and hospitals. SIPs are for the most part manufactured off-site in our factories. We have a highly skilled team of designers who take your architectural drawings and turn them into 3D SIP Developments, from there they are sent into production. Due to everything being designed and manufactured under one roof, it allows us to work to very specific sizes with only -/+ 3ml tolerances. That is extremely specific considering standard timber frames tolerances are around -/+ 10-15 ml. 
Schools and hospitals are huge projects that need to be manufactured with precision to ensure there are minimal alterations required on-site. Offsite manufacture with Sips Eco, drastically reduces time on site, therefore maximising cost-effectiveness and dramatically reducing wastage which is better for the environment. 
Another factor to consider when thinking of building with SIPs is the speed at which a SIPs building can be erected. Undergoing a huge project such as a school or hospital can take an excessively long time, especially if you are building with traditional methods such, as brick and block which requires protracted onsite working and is weather dependent. When building with SIPs you can decrease your build time by as much as 55%. This is an incredible advantage when using SIPS for larger projects as it allows you to finish your project months ahead of schedule whilst also saving extra money on labour, materials and waste. 

Outline of the benefits of building schools and hospital with SIPS 

Quick build times 
Environmentally friendly with exceptionally low carbon footprint 
Little waste as onsite modification is rarely required 
Total design customisation 
Not a weather dependant build method 
Extremely strong & durable buildings 
High performing thermal efficiency. 
School and hospital buildings are usually very visually appealing structures that are built to last. Our Panels are exceptionally strong and are 7X stronger than timber frame and 3X stronger than brick and block. You will have complete peace of mind knowing that these essential buildings are safe, secure and highly energy efficient. We also use high-grade EPS as our insulation, this insulation does not degrade over time and will ensure that the building is extremely thermally efficient. Using our award-winning pre-insulated Sips system will drastically reduce the energy requirements of the building, saving huge amounts of money. 

Like the sound of our SIPs? 

By using SIPs for these essential buildings, you will be creating a structure for the future that is built to last. If you would like more information about SIPS or would like to get a quotation for your next build – get in touch here today! 
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