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Demonstration picture of a plumbing system with various pipe types
A common question that we get asked about our Sips is if plumbing can be installed within the Sips panels. The short answer is yes - plumbing can be run through sips walls as long as there are a few requirements met. In a sips structure, pipes can be incorporated into the walls as long as it is only within the panel and does not cross through any splines or structural timbers. If pipes were to pass through these areas, it would affect the structural stability of the building. When running pipes through your panels you must ensure the hole it the correct size for the pipe and that the channel is fully sealed off after you have completed the running of the pipe. This will ensure you are minimising the heat loss from these channels. 
construction of a sips home, halfway through the building process

Panel to Panel Joining 

SIPs panels are joined together with an insulated SIP spline. This is a full-length spline that joins both panels together. The spline like the panels are also insulated with EPS (expanded polystyrene) and has an outer OSB (oriented strand board) skin to strengthen the joint. This also helps to eliminate cold bridging. 
beautiful modern house with cathedral looking glass windows facing south
Formaldehyde is the common toxic compound that is found in many day to day things, from tables and chairs to foods and clothing. Formaldehyde is the toxin that many are concerned about when it comes to SIPs. Many people are under the misapprehension that this toxin is alive and living in our panels therefore putting people’s health at risk. This could not be further from the truth. 

Boris Johnson wants to build new homes that are made from modern methods of construction, SIPs are an MMC that can deliver outstanding results 

4 mews houses made from sips and under construction
The announcement made by Boris Johnson recently on 30/06/2020 has sparked a massive conversation within the housing industry. Boris Johnson discussed the plans that the UK government are putting into motion. He stated that now is the time to “build, build, build” as the cost of borrowing is lower and more affordable than ever. Making this massive project more affordable. 
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