How local councils can meet the demand for more affordable homes by building with SIPs 
Together we can build more affordable homes and end fuel poverty - a smart investment into the future of housing 
Modern looking white SIPs terraced houses with grey features and Monoblock drives
The UK has a shortage of houses, especially in the affordable housing category. It is an ongoing issue that the UK government has tried to address over many years. The issue has yet to be comprehensively resolved, however there are new progressive methods of construction that could help. If these modern methods were to be adopted, we would achieve the target number of houses needed in a much shorter time frame. 
The overall issue is that local councils cannot build enough affordable homes quickly enough to meet the demand. The problem has existed for years, because they simply could not get enough houses constructed in a reasonable time frame. We are now in the modern age of building and technology is being used by companies to tackle the housing problem in a quicker and smarter fashion. In the past traditional methods of building have been used such as timber frames and masonry construction methods, these methods of building are outdated. There are far more eco-friendly, quicker and cost-effective ways to build in 2020. 
SIPs Eco Panels Solution 
Sips Eco Panels offer a solution that will drastically improve the number of affordable houses built if our methods are adopted by local councils. The modern method of construction that we offer is pre-insulated structural panels. This is offsite factory-built homes, everything from walls to roofs to joists are made to your specified size, inhouse. By making the houses to size in our factories, it means that when the panels arrive on site it is just a matter of getting the structure up. Modern technology has meant that this is a very streamlined process and can drastically decrease the amount of time between construction and the finished product. 
We have a dedicated team that you can reach on 01592631636 or They will be happy to assist you with any questions or enquires. 
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modern Sips terraced houses under construction with scaffolding and materials
Why Choose SIPs (structural insulated panels) 
Quick to build 
In comparison to a traditional timber frame house, Sip houses can be built up to 55% faster. This is tackling the problem of supply and demand. As it stands just now in the UK there is too much demand and not enough affordable homes. With faster build times we will achieve housing targets quickly. 
Help to end fuel poverty 
Due to our panels being pre-insulated they are extremely energy efficient which in turn drastically reduces monthly energy bills. This is another contributing factor to having not only an affordable home but also an affordable life. 
Durable, strong and long-lasting 
A structural insulated panel construction is 3X stronger than a brick and block build and 7X stronger than traditional timber frame builds. This means the houses built will be built to last and will stand the test of time. This is a smart investment. By investing in SIPs the houses built by local councils would not have to be repaired/rebuilt as often. SIPs Eco Panels are an investment into the future. You would see the benefit both in standards of living and cuts to expenses to build and run the homes. 
Showing our webbed joists being used in construction
Future proof 
With a Sips house, they do not have timber trusses in the attic, the attic space comes already insulated with flooring. This means that young families that will potentially have kids in the coming years will be able to grow into their homes and use the attic as another bedroom or two. Reducing the amount of moving and rehousing. 
Cost-effective building 
Due to the panels being made to specified sizes there isn’t much need for onsite changes. When the structure arrives, it can be erected in a matter of days meaning there are huge savings on the amount of labour needed. Another smart investment. 
Naturally greener 
Our way of working is naturally greener for many reasons. A big difference that makes our method greener is there is very little onsite waste as everything is made specifically to size. This helps reduce our carbon footprint. Our structures are also extremely airtight meaning they use less energy to heat and cool, this also gives you more control over the indoor air conditions. Resulting in the home being more affordable for the tenant. 
Green arrows symbolising that we are an eco-friendly business
An Investment for the Future 
The construction industry has taken many years to warm to new methods of building and were a reluctant industry when it came to introducing technology. However, the industry is coming round to modern methods of building. Sips Eco Panels are a forward-thinking business that are looking to make modern methods of building the new normal. The reason we want this change is because our method of building is more environmentally friendly, quicker to build and cost-effective. If local councils were to invest smartly into our methods, it would help meet the target number of houses needed and will set a tone within the construction industry for the expectation when it comes to building homes. We would actively be raising the bar for our standards of living. 
Modern end of the terraced home with Monoblock drive and patch of grass
We have a dedicated team that you can reach on 01592631636 or They will be happy to assist you with any questions or enquires. 
Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form and we will contact you! 
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